Recyclage Garantie

Tobacycle n.e.V. Forschung Entwicklung
Universitätsstr. 1 - 50693 Köln



Depending on the procurement of the collected cigarette butts, we have controlled recycling channels available.

These are modern pyrolysis plants that process inorganic and organic substances, including toxins, into usable gases, fertilizers or fuel pellets.

In addition, there is the material recycling, for exclusively dry and separately collected smoke residues (without noteworthy foreign throws).

Then there are highly developed biogas plants, which can develop separate smoke residues (ash, tobacco and paper including the toxins) into bio-fuel, fertilizer or even hydrogen, with the bacteria working in the closed systems. The remaining inorganic substances, such as those of the filter (purified cellulose acetate), can be sorted into plastics processing again (injection molding of recycled material).

The possibilities of the 3-D printing process are also expanded to include the ability to process granulates.
In particular, cellulose acetate as well.
At the moment it is even more cost-effective to make filament from granulate on reels.

We always use the best possible regional recycling. So ecologically and economically coordinated.

Mario Merella